My name is Oliver Dunn and I occasionally think out loud. Anything a shade poetic or somehow thoughtful that finds itself amongst these verbal burps and afterthoughts I try scribble down. This is a collection of such writings.

I am no expert in any of the subjects I might ponder on, but if it appears on here it would suggest I care deeply about it. I care little for balance so excuse any passion that seeps through and ignores common sense, it is a side-effect of personal writing that was never really meant for anyone else.

I live in New Zealand, a bubbling mixture of every culture, quietly curled up in the bottom corner of the atlas. A country forever observing and absorbing the world around it, it is a reflection of a diluted American and British blend, swirling about potent Maori and Pacific Island influences and alongside a growing Asian identity. This variety of philosophies no doubt finds itself in my work.